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Welcome to Blacksun, the ultimate Web3 infrastructure provider for developers looking to revolutionize the decentralized ecosystem. Our cutting-edge platform consolidates blockchain data into a state-of-the-art data warehouse, delivering lightning-fast, budget-friendly services that will leave your competition in the dust.

Why choose Blacksun?

  1. Turbocharge your dApp: Unlock unparalleled performance with our blazing-fast, low-cost Web3 services, perfect for ambitious projects on any budget.
  2. Effortless scalability: Skyrocket your dApp's growth with our seamless integration, designed to accommodate rapid expansion and adapt to ever-changing market demands.
  3. Comprehensive data solutions: Tap into the full potential of blockchain data with our user-friendly platform, simplifying complex information to give you a competitive edge.

Join the Blacksun revolution today and experience the future of Web3 infrastructure! Empower your dApp with unparalleled speed, cost efficiency, and scalability that will propel it to new heights in the decentralized world.

Discover Blacksun's innovative architecture, designed to bolster security, reliability, and performance for your dApps. Free yourself from infrastructure concerns and focus on creating world-class decentralized applications!



Blacksun's infrastructure is meticulously engineered to offer an outstanding and streamlined experience for dApp developers. Our architecture comprises several interconnected layers, each designed for a specific purpose, collectively ensuring superior performance and security.


1. API Layer

Upon receiving an HTTP request from a dApp, it is initially directed to the API Layer. This layer is responsible for:

  • Rule Engine: Processing and validating incoming requests in accordance with pre-established rules.
  • Rate Limiter: Supervising and regulating request rates to guarantee equitable usage and prevent malicious activities.
  • Security: Implementing a variety of security measures to safeguard the system and user data.

2. Data Layer

After traversing the API Layer, the request advances to the Data Layer, which retrieves the necessary data from our data warehouse. The Data Layer synchronizes its data with the blockchain via our Chain Sync Engine, ensuring that the most current information is consistently available.

3. Blockchain Layer

In certain scenarios, the request may necessitate direct interaction with the blockchain node to obtain or store data. The Blockchain Layer manages these interactions and guarantees efficient communication with the blockchain network.

4. Streaming Layer

For dApps necessitating real-time updates on blockchain events, our Streaming Layer empowers developers to monitor and process events as they transpire on the blockchain.

By utilizing these components, Blacksun furnishes a robust and effective infrastructure for developers to construct and scale their dApps effortlessly.

Supported Blockchains